Hotel Fruela Munia Hotel & spa

Shopping experience

In this getaway the Hotel Fruela wants that your customers enjoy of Oviedo city. The customers going out for shopping in the city for various stores of city center or shoppings centers and so can see the city from differents points.
The Buenavista shopping center  that is visible from differents parts of the city,has a great number of stores that you can also found in the city center, where you can see  smalls stores  where you can  buy many  items anda services  with countless advantages. The Uria street  is the main of the city at the same time that a busy street because you will found the main business. In the parallel street is the Campoamor Theatre where are deliver the prizes Prince of Asturias.

75 euros / two pax

Prices  VAT included from 1 January  to March 31, 2012. Other prices available on reserve by clicking on the link


shopping experience
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