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Escandalera square

The name of Escandalera was imposed by the use of the citizens of Oviedo at the end of the 19th century, and this fact is by the word Escandalera that refers simply to the discussions which took place on the occasion of the alignment that thought be given to the first house built at the corner of the streets San Francisco and Fruela that they come together in this square. The square is rectangular in shape, bounded on its West side by the walk of los Alamos and Uría Street, which run parallel, and the field in San Francisco. Flow into this side Fruela street and the Marquis of Santa Cruz in the South corner and continue Uría Street on the North corner. On the East side are in the same direction San Francisco street in the south corner and Argüelles, tangentially, Pelayo street in the Northwest corner. We can contemplate the Asturcon symbol of an Asturias financial institution and the maternity of Botero.

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